Conant Medical Group
45 Castro Street  Suite 402  San Francisco, California 94114
                  Phone: 415-575-7500, Fax: 415-575-7503

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We are committed to providing facial fillers, Botox and advice on skincare to impede aging for HIV-positive and HIV negative men and women at an affordable prices. We were one of the first practices in the United States to use New fill (Sculptra) for treatment of HIV-positive patients. FDA regulations now allow us to offer this treatment to HIV negative men and women.

We specialize in treating patients with deep facial fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse, softening facial wrinkles with Botox and correcting superficial contour changes with Perlane.

We are located at the Ralph K. Davies Medical Center.

Our group is made up of Marcus A. Conant, M.D., Helen Chodsky, P.A., Mark Illeman, F-NP, Kurtis Opp, P.A. All of us do this cosmetic work on a part-time basis. 

Dr. Conant responds to all requests for information and appointments.  You will need to leave a voice message with your name and phone number at 415-575-7500.